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Highway Heroes+

Unveiling Highway Heroes+, is a groundbreaking solution tailored exclusively for truck drivers - a first of its kind in India. Recognizing the challenges they face on the road, we provide comprehensive support, including legal and financial assistance and now, Accidental Insurance. Our mission is to safeguard their well-being as they play a vital role in the transportation industry. Experience a groundbreaking support system designed to enhance Truck driver's journey like never before. Get HighWay Heroes+

Highway Heroes+, the ultimate solution designed exclusively for truck drivers navigating Indian roads. We understand the numerous challenges you face, including poor infrastructure, reckless driving, and limited rest facilities. Highway Heroes+ is here to provide comprehensive support, ensuring your well-being as you play a critical role in the transportation industry. With on-road legal assistance, Financial Support and accidental insurance coverage, our dedicated team takes care of your concerns, leaving you free to focus on your job. Experience peace of mind knowing that your health and safety are protected with Highway Heroes+ by your side.

Product Features:
  • On-Road Legal Assistance: Access seamless resolution for legal issues, allowing you to focus on your job while our dedicated team takes care of the complexities.
  • Accidental Insurance Coverage: Ensure your well-being with added accidental insurance, offering peace of mind and access to healthcare services when needed.
  • Prompt Support: In case of any non-responsive assigned lawyer, we promptly assign an alternative, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free resolution.
  • Extensive Coverage: Our accidental insurance provides personal accident coverage of up to ₹5 lakhs and accident hospitalization coverage of up to ₹1.5 lakhs, ensuring you are protected during emergencies.
  • Weekly Temporary Total Disability Allowance: Receive 1% of the sum insured for 100 weeks max, providing financial assistance during temporary disability.
  • Hassle-Free Approach: We believe in saving your valuable time, effort, and money by ensuring your job and business run smoothly.
  • Financial Assistance: Manage medical complications and financial burdens from road accidents with added financial support.
  • 24/7 Highway Support Helpline: Reach out anytime for legal aid, assistance with harassment issues, and emergency connections.
  • Interest-Free Credit Limit: Eligible members can access a ZERO % interest credit limit of up to ₹25,000.
  • Nationwide access to drivers specific Camps, Promotions, and Events, supported by AITWA